Shooting without a gun licenses



Shooting-range „A“ (target) 250,– CZK/30 min./1 box
- maximum of 2 people per 1 box
– maximum of 6 customers on the shooting-range at the same time
Shooting-range „B“ (combat) 300,– CZK/30 min.
- maximum of 2 people on the shooting-range concurrently
Weapon lend – STANDARD 250,– CZK/1 pc
Weapon lend – EXCLUSIVE 350,– CZK/1 pc
- valid for maximum of 2 people at 1 box
– you may use ammunition bought only at TRIGGER shooting-range if you borrow a weapon
Shooting appendage 10,– CZK/1 person
Target 10,– CZK/1 pc
Instructor 250,– CZK/30min./1 box
- for gun licence holders on demand
– for others is the instructor’s supervision obligatory