Without a gun licence

Experience the powerful feeling of a gun in your hand even without a gun licence! Choose your weapon and shoot with our professional instructor at your side. More

Obtain a gun licence

Complete preparation for the exam. Plan your schedule with us and train at a special reduced price till the exam date!

Party at Trigger

Unforgettable bachelor party at a shooting range? Firing at your colleagues with a laser gun during a unique teambuilding day? You can have it!

Shooting simulator

Become a hunter or a sport shooter at our Laser Shot! Choose a scene and hit your targets!


With us you can gain a gun licence, learn how to defend youself with a gun and notably improve your shooting skills.

Common room, lecture room

We provide a space for social events and training – with comfort and refreshments.


Trigger shooting range in action! Come to shoot and be in the pictures with us.

Best shooting range Brno = Trigger.

Why choose us?

We provide professional services, individual attitude and a great gun selection in our modern shooting range with the unique “PIT Shooting“ system. We are one of the top shooting ranges in the Czech Republic. Our goal is to give you the ultimate shooting experience.

Large selection of weapons

Choose your weapon! Rent any type of our pistols, rifles and revolvers for your action day.

Expert instructors

He is wise. He is calm. He is always at your side. He is your shooting instructor.

Shooting without a gun licence

Feel the power in your hands... and decide if you still want to live your life without a gun licence.

Shooting packages

Change your life for this day! Be a professional soldier. Become your favourite game character or a movie hero. Shoot with AK-47, pump action shotgun and Glock. We will cover your back!

Feedbacks Our Clients

Check out references from shooters, who spent their time with us and our guns.


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